About Z-Sites

Created in 2008, “Z-sites” brings a respected know-how in the area of infrastructure location for the telecommunication industry, with advanced technology and fast construction processes.


Our mission is to generate values to our clients, teams and the society, acting on the sharing and location of infrastructure for telecommunication in a sustainable way.


Being reference in its acting area, in such a way to offer greater quality telecommunication services to users.


Prioritizing the safety in our services and assuring the safety of our personnel.

Everybody must act in accordance with the Code of Conduct established and follow the company procedures, assuring the quality of our services.

The people from our company have passion for their service quality, always seeking to give their best in every task.

Acting always correctly and fairly, with honesty and cordiality towards every form of our relationship: professionals, clients, suppliers, governmental agencies and community in general.

Acting transparently and within the law. Preserving the “Z-Sites” values in each action and decision.